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Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety

Mirrag AI has created a complete solution to manage all the issues related to forklift safety enabling displaying of a clear picture to the concerned authorities about the activities happening in the warehouse by dividing them into 3 categories- near misses, incidents and violations.

Digital Checklist System with Alert Mechanism

❖ Converting a pen-paper inspection system to a digital one.
❖ Automatically receive notifications for missed checks.
❖ Keep track of the inspection reports on dashboard.
❖ Host interesting and rewarding campaigns to encourage workforce engagement.

AI Based Collision Prevention

❖ Real time person and object detection.
❖ Real time speed monitoring.
❖ Virtual demarcation of pathways for pedestrians and forklifts.
❖ Moving object detection at blind spots, intersections.
❖ Real-time alerts mechanism for any violation or incidents through SMS, Emails & on-site Buzzers.

AI Based Behavioral Monitoring

❖ Identification of PPE worn by driver as well as pedestrians.
❖ Ensuring the driver has gone through the automated digital checklist as per SOP.
❖ Monitoring of workplace vehicular equipment to ensure speed limits are followed on path as well as corners to prevent tipovers.
❖ Detection of undefined or intrusive activities or objects in a given area.

Data Driven Customized Training

❖ Based on individual compliance scores, training can be more personalized.
❖ Analyze the nature of violations to determine what training is required by the individual to fill the skill gaps.
❖ Customized dashboard helps to understand data insights thus bringing in a long term change.
❖ Actual state of risk is captured by near misses.
❖ Aggressive operators are identified by using near misses along with impact report.
❖ Mark the incident prone areas in the facility.
❖ Adjust workflows or reassign workers accordingly.

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