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Personal Behaviour Monitoring

Personal Behaviour Monitoring

Using CCTV Cameras and Mirrag AI’s Staircase Safety Monitoring detection system, we can automate staircase protocol adherence to enhance the safety of the workers up and down the stairs, avoiding the chance to fall and slip.

AI Based Behavioral Monitoring

❖ Identification of personnel walking on the stairs both while going up the stairs and down the stairs.
❖ Real time step monitor of the individual to prevent skipping of step.
❖ Recognition of the position of the arms over railings to correct personnel behavior.
❖ Violation detection when a person uses phone/laptop while moving up and down the stairs.

Active Alert Mechanism

❖ Automatically receive notifications for behavioral violations.
❖ Real-time alerts mechanism for any violation/incidents through SMS, Emails & on-site Buzzers.
❖ Detection of undefined or intrusive activities or objects on staircase.
❖ Raise alerts when a person falls on the stairs.

Data Driven Behavioural Changes

❖ Get insights on the user safety compliance as per the defined parameters.
❖ Data driven insights for customized training to improve behaviour and reduce accident rate.

People Detection

❖ Overcrowding Detection – Flag violation alert when number of people in a room crosses the threshold.
❖ Social Distancing – Real time calculation of distance between people a covid precaution.

Sterile Area Behavior Monitoring

❖ Flagging following not allowable behavior.
❖ Sitting on the floor.
❖ Leaning against wall.
❖ Using the body to push cabinets In accordance with guidelines issues by US – FDA, these activities are the highest potential causes of contamination.

Man Down System

❖ Detection of a person, slipped/fallen down due to some injury or medical emergency.
❖ The system can also detect if a person is lying down from some time as this can be an indication of a medical issue as well.
❖ Track workers’ productivity.
❖ PPE Detection.
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