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PPE Detection

PPE Detection

Detection of Helmet, Glove, Apron, masks, Sleeve, Respiratory Protective Equipment, Reflective Vest, footwear or Glasses on personnel.

AI Based PPE Detection System

Real-time analysis using advanced machine learning algorithms to ensure compliance of wearing the right PPE according to the working environment.
❖ Used for the detection of Helmet, Glove, Apron, Sleeve, Respiratory Protective Equipment, Reflective Vest, footwear and Glasses.

Active Alert Mechanism

The system can be linked with existing CCTV cameras to monitor user defined locations, detect PPEs, and send out notifications if mandated PPEs are not worn by any personnel.
❖ Alerts authorities through display systems, email, SMS and push notifications.
❖ Automatically receive notifications in case of a violation.
❖ Integration of Real-time alarms system with local buzzers and PA systems.

Data Driven Customized Training

Provides data where violations had taken place.
❖ Based on individual compliance scores, training can be more personalized.
❖ Analyse the nature of violations to determine what training is required by the individual to fill the skill gaps.
❖ The customized dashboard helps to understand data insights thus bringing in a long-term change.
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